Saturday, June 2, 2012

                  Time marches on with DM as much as you do not want it to

Because of Llyr's progressing DM he has stopped being able to use his front legs in his cart a little while after our last visit to K-9 Cart Company East. A very wonderful lady from the Wheelcorgi Yahoo Group lent me her Doggy stroller and Llyr has been loving it! I still use Llyr's cart to express him, to eat and for time in the grass. His stroller has enabled him to continue to enjoy life. Only now it is from a higher level so to speak!

Our last visit with his Neurologist Dr. Moeser at the University of Pennsylvania Llyr again charmed everyone! We also had a tour of the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital after our appointment.

                                                   Llyr with Dr. Moeser

                                      Llyr on our tour visiting one of the three areas in
                                      the hospital that now have new rubber flooring! 

                                                   A smiling, happy Llyr! 

                                     Llyr and I enjoying our tour of the hospital!

                      Llyr was given smile stickers for being such a good boy!

When the time comes that your Corgi can no longer use the cart please consider using a doggy stroller. There are many different types and price ranges. It has enabled to Llyr to go places he would not have been able to before. We now take "strolls". You may get some comments like "Oh, what a spoiled dog!", but it is a good time to tell people why your Corgi is in a stroller and educate people about DM. You will get more positive comments from most people and you and your Corgi will have many memorable times despite the progressing DM!


  1. Dear Amy,
    It is wonderful that you have created this blog to help other dog owners with DM. It still amazes us how many owners don't know about dog wheelchairs or vets that do not recognize the signs of DM. Llyr has been lucky to have the utmost of care, which has required a tremendous amount of time as his disease has progressed. In hindsight, I am sure that you will be able to give incredible insight on a variety of therapies ranging from water therapy to acupuncture to dog wheelchairs. Kudos for the blog.
    Dr. Parkes

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Parkes! You and your wonderful company K-9 Cart Company East have worked so hard with Llyr's carts and modifications to his carts along the way. I can't thank you and your wonderful staff enough for all you have done for Llyr and I. You all have helped Llyr to have a wonderful quality of life while he was using his cart. And your advice and support along the way has been extremely helpful! I may be biased, but I believe that you make the best dog wheelchairs on the market and your customer service is above and beyond the best in the industry! I too am amazed at the lack of knowledge of DM. It is my mission in life to help educate as many people as possible about this horrible disease.