Sunday, June 3, 2012

                         Llyr, out and about in his doggy stroller

                                       Some pictures of Llyr enjoying his stroller rides!

                      Visiting a good friend at the Devon Horse show and Country Fair!

                                       Llyr and I enjoying our day at the horse show!

                                        Ear scratches from a fellow Corgi lover!

                                       Llyr posing by the Devon Derby prize list!

                               Llyr enjoying time in the shade and watching people!

                                          Out and about in his neighborhood!

                                                       Llyr waiting to stroll!

                                                   Llyr visiting a local park!

                             Taking a stop by the baseball field to smile for the camera!

               Llyr visiting with his good friend Linda at Braxton's Animal Works in Devon, Pa
                                   A large orange monkey toy catching a ride with Llyr!  



  1. I do declare that Llyr is even more beautiful in his new wheels!! He seems to love them as well. Thanks for sharing these pics!

    1. Thank you Laurie! Llyr just loves being out in his stroller!