Sunday, June 3, 2012

                      More pictures of Llyr in his stroller

          Llyr gets to go to my Dr. appointments! With my CDE Marianne McAndrew!

                                                   How sweet is this!


                                           Llyr with Michelle my Nutritionist! 

              Llyr with my best friend Becky and I at Braxton's Animal Works!

    Llyr is upstairs after therapy. He is hoping for more for some more treats!

                     Llyr enjoying treats at one of our many visits to Braxton's!

Even though time marches on with the progression of Degenerative Myelopathy there are still many places you can go with your Corgi! Have fun and enjoy every moment! 


  1. We have a corgi with a similar problem, and we are currently shopping for a stroller for him. What kind does Llyr have? It is difficult to shop for one on the internet based on lbs. b/c of the corgi's long body.

    1. @NRD, I am sorry for my delayed response. Llyr's stroller is a Pet Gear Stroller. As you can see he is a little long for the stroller, but his front paws rest on top of the front end of the stroller. He loves his stroller and I think with his front paws being raised a bit helped him too. I think there may be one size larger, but his stroller was lent to me and has worked out very well. Because of the front wheel it was very easy on grass and rough surfaces.

  2. @NRD here is a link on Amazon for the Pet Gear Strollers: