Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures of a very happy Llyr!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of Llyr at Physical Therapy.

Llyr getting a hug from Michelle. He sure looks like a teddy bear!

Llyr swimming with Michelle.

Llyr taking a break between laps with Dr. Stephanie Finley.

Llyr with Cheryl getting ready to swim laps.

And last, but not least because I will post more in the future. Llyr after swimming...a very wet Corgi!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For those who may be hesitant to get a cart

There are some people who may be hesitant to get a cart because for some reason they may feel a stigma is attached to dogs in carts. To be blunt to me that is a crazy notion, but I have heard of people that feel that way.

I have never really come across this when Llyr is out in his cart.  Some people may first say "poor dog", but when I tell them how well he does in his cart and how it has made such a big difference in his quality of life their eyes usually start to open.  Then they see him walking in his cart and how happy he is and we continue talking about carts and Degenerative Myelopathy.

I may be a bit biased, but I think Llyr is a very special Corgi. So many people come up to meet him when we are out and about.  Children are attracted to him especially disabled ones. Lately, complete strangers have recognized him from Facebook, The Daily Corgi, You Tube and his blog. In our little part of the world I think Llyr has helped some people that feel there is a stigma to cart usage.

Here is a link to Llyr's You Tube channel. I have videos of Llyr in his cart and also doing Physical Therapy.

Llyr also made the CBS national news in a story with wonderful pictures on what dogs and other animals can do in wheel chairs.

Halloween costumes still look great when your Corgi is in a cart! Llyr was all smiles!

So please give a cart a try. It really will make a world of difference in your Corgis quality of life!

Llyr's first custom K9 Cart Company East Dog Wheelchair

After close to a year in his loaner cart Llyr was starting to have problems walking in his cart.  His loaner cart had been adjusted twice for a better fit but, it was long in length and a bit to wide. He was also having trouble staying stable in his cart. After Dr. Parkes looked at his cart to see if anything else could be done we decided that it was best to have a cart made custom for his measurements. I was so lucky that Dr. Parkes was able to build the cart while we were there. It was a very long, hot July day, but worth the wait. Llyr's custom cart fit him perfectly and it was much lighter than his loaner cart.

This video was taken before his cart was completely finished, but you will see he is walking much better.  

I can not thank Dr. Parkes enough for all his hard work and time spent getting Llyr's cart made this day. Llyr's custom cart made a world of difference.

Llyr's loaner cart is now being used by another Corgi with Degenerative Myelopathy.