Sunday, March 4, 2012

Llyr's trip to K9 Cart Company East 2-21-2012

Llyr had started knuckling with his front left leg about a month ago and recently he started knuckling with his right foot as well. Knuckling is when the paw starts folding over at the top of the paw. At first this may happen and they will right their paw on their own, but as time goes on as it is happening with Llyr he rights them less often and I have to help him. As a result of this our walks in his cart are getting harder. I have been pulling him in his cart for a while. He still uses his cart inside where I know he will not hurt his paws because of the rugs and yoga mats. Outside unless we are on grass he will scrape up his paws. I have tried socks, but his toenails go right through them. I have tried duct taping the socks at the bottom, but this makes him knuckle even more. Boots are just to bulky and he can't use them at all.

Llyr and I made a trip to K9 Cart Company East in Oxford, Md. 12 days ago. I was hoping that maybe some adjustments could be made to his cart to help him walk better. Dr. Parkes tried lowering the cart slightly which did not help and he also tried raising the cart some and this did not work either. He was able to make Llyr's cart narrower which has helped to keep him straighter in his cart. Llyr is at the point in his journey with DM that his time in his cart is very short as far as walks go. Now I mostly use his cart so that he can do his business outside. Llyr can only piddle now by being expressed. He is still pooping on his own thankfully. He also enjoys sniffing the ground and of course the occasional ground goodie! I also picked up Llyr's skis. Unfortunately, they do not work on grass and we have not had any snow since I got them.

Here is Dr. Parkes is doing the final fitting of Llyr's skis to his cart.

Here is Llyr with his skis! For the first time ever I am hoping for a little bit of snow!

This is a close up picture of Llyr's skis. This picture is not with Llyr's cart, but when Dr. Parkes was finishing the design. The skis are easy to put on and to take off his cart.

 Llyr did have a good time on his visit and Rebecca gave Llyr a wonderful bone toy and treats for  his Birthday!

Llyr also enjoyed getting his chin scratched by Rebecca! Llyr loves getting to see Rebecca on our trips.

The end of a long, but nice day at K-9 Cart Company East!

I am sad to know that there is nothing else that can be done to help Llyr walk with his cart. Dr. Parkes, Jamie and Rebecca have worked tirelessly to help Llyr. Without his wonderful cart from K9 Cart Company East Llyr's journey with DM would have been much more difficult. Llyr's time in his cart has given him 100% better quality of life. I can't thank everyone enough from K9 Cart Company East for all they have done for Llyr and I.